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The Access the Next Level Football Training Program teaches fundamental football skills using a learning progression. This learning progression is a purposeful sequencing of teaching and learning across multiple development stages.

The Access the Next Level training program provides Skills & Drills Competitions, Pre/Post Combine Tests, Flex Football and Tackle Football experience over 5 weekends and is the only program to offer the complete youth football experience. COVID-19 leveled the playing field this year for both 1st time and returning players, so don’t have your youth player miss out on this opportunity to get a head start.

Our 1st Stage is; Conditioning to produce stamina; this is the ability to sustain prolonged physical and mental efforts.

Our 2nd Stage is; Skills and Drills are trained in a way to promote motor learning better known to us all as muscle memory. Repetition causes changes to occur in the central nervous system that allows the brain to execute a motor skill quickly and automatically.

Our 3rd Stage is; Flex Football is introduced as a fusion of flag and a stepping stone to tackle football that will continue the focus on developing true fundamentals and skills. Flex is inspired by the NFL’s approach to practice.

Now even colleges and high schools are utilizing soft-shell pads, allowing for high tempo, low impact, assignment and scheme focused practices.

Our 4th Stage is; Tackle Football which will provide the opportunity for the hands-on experience of the game of football. Access the Next Level Certified and Trained Coaches gradually increase intensity levels in blocking and tackling drills to make it easier and safer for young athletes to gain confidence in a full contact environment.

By progressing through our development stages, young athletes are given the tools to succeed and excel in the game of football. We feel that the training our young athletes receive through our progression stages will more times than not, resemble and parallel the Game of Life.

Access the Next Level Football Training Program was created to develop our young athletes into the sportsman that make the game greater.

Learn the Game
Play the Game
Respect the Game
Love the Game